26 07 2011

The Craft of Compassion is now available on Kindle for $7.50

All of us are required to find our way through the wilderness of suffering – our own and that of any other being. The gesture toward a suffering being is a gesture toward our own awakening.
The craft of compassion has four steps, each leading to the next.
Step one is self-compassion. To regard oneself as a kind friend might is the foundation of compassionate activity. Step two is compassion for others. The Buddha defines this as joy over another’s joy and sorrow over another’s sorrow – thus the full gamut of one’s lived experience is raw material for compassion.
Step three is radical empathy – to see through another’s eyes..
Step four is living compassion – getting altogether out of the way so you are a vehicle for the vivid intelligence of compassion itself. This is the mysterium – “seeing through the eyes of compassion.”
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